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Scenario Overview

This business requirement needs us to provide a way to take a set of Invoices & associated line items and clone them on a monthly basis. The requirement was around a recurring billing scenario of services that the company provided. The scenario calls for us to setup in the CRM system template Invoices which can be cloned each month.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A formula is setup to execute whenever the boolean field ‘Clone For Monthly Billing’ gets updated on the Invoice entity
  • The formula checks that the ’Clone For Monthly Billing’ field is set to true 
  • If True it will clone the Invoice & all of its line items
  • After the Clone it will perform an Update on the newly cloned Invoice to set the due date to 30 days into the future
  • Finally a North52 Schedule is created to run on a monthly basis to find all the Invoices where the ’Clone For Monthly Billing’ is set to true & execute the formula

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