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This post is all about pricing our Dynamics CRM 2011 add-on product N52 Formula Manager. And the lessons we have learnt since launching in July of this year.

The single biggest lesson, ‘Keep it simple stupid’.

Our team knows this rule and yet we ended up with a complex model of trying to keep every type of customer \ partner happy. We listened to people who on paper had heaps of experience, looked at how other people approached their pricing but as an old friend of mine would say ‘you over engineered it’ 🙂

What was the consequence of this, “Many options = Many questions”.

I cannot tell you how much time we spend just answering various questions about how this worked, way too much. Since we launched in July we have spoken to heaps of potential customers about the overall price and what value they put on our add-on so now we feel much more informed about the add-on marketplace for Dynamics CRM.

Nearly all the people that try the product love it & want all the features but they can only justify the price if it saves them significant amounts of time or helps to close a deal. So if they only create say 20 formulas its hard to justify a big price tag. But if you have 100+ formulas implementing lots of business rules then its easy to justify.

So with this new found information today we are announcing,

  • Renaming of the ‘Community Edition’ to ‘Standard Edition’
  • Blending of the existing customer \ partner pricing down to just 4 price points
  • Removing ‘User Count’ as a means of working out the value to a customer & replacing with how many formulas they actual create
  • All existing paying customers will be automatically upgraded to the Enterprise Edition

The Standard version will continue to be completely free with no string attached as this helps to get the message out about the product & enables North52 to  have relationships built on trust with the end-users. We know that people just want to implement the best Dynamics CRM system they can & hopefully if they consider  N52 Formula Manager as part of their solution it will now be much easier for them to understand.

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