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Easily move Unified Service Desk data from one instance to another

North52 Data Packager for Unified Service Desk (in Preview)


North52 Data Packager can be used to easily manage the transport of Unified Service Desk configuration data from one instance to another. Specifically for USD, we provide templates that let you quickly move USD configuration data with ease. You can move all configuration data or only the records you specify, either manually or via FetchXML queries.

And, because we use the Solution framework for the export and import of Data Packager data, you can easily version each data package. This is especially useful if you need to build up a new dev/test USD to a specific version – just apply and execute the Data Packages you need.

North52 Data Packager is part of North52’s Decision Suite. It can be purchased standalone or as part of the suite – please contact if you would like a demo, request a trial key or purchase.

Also for Dynamics/Power App Portals

North52 Data Packager is ideally suited for managing the movement of configuration data for Dynamics/Power App Portals