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Tribridge leverages North52 BPA on medium to large CRM deployments to deliver significantly faster and with lower maintenance costs.

Partnering with North52 has been a great success for Tribridge. We are really only just beginning to unlock the potential of North52 for our CRM projects and are already seeing significant ROI.

Josh Jaquish

VP Industry, Tribridge

Tribridge is a technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions. They help mid-market and enterprise customers solve their business challenges through a complete range of services, including Cloud Computing, ERP, CRM, Custom Software Development, Portals & Collaboration, Security & Infrastructure and Human Capital Management (HCM).


Tribridge’s growth across its CRM division requires it to evolve quickly and its CRM solutions are no different.  North52 Business Process Activities (BPA) compliments Tribridge’s own ability to deliver CRM solutions and gives them the flexibility to be able to develop custom CRM functionality at a much faster pace.


Flexible, Powerful Business Rules Engine


Crucially for Tribridge is that the North52 BPA business rules engine runs natively in the Dynamics CRM sandbox.  It is a CRM Managed Solution which makes deploying North52 BPA straightforward and means Tribridge’s clients can have everything in the CRM cloud if required with no additional servers.


Roy Minney, Industry Solutions Director at Tribridge, “We’ve found North52 BPA to be quite straight-forward to deploy and use.  Whether we’re working on-premises, online, or in a private cloud environment, the managed solution imports quickly and easily.  We’re able to write flexible formulas to automate processes and calculations across CRM 2011, 2013, and 2015.  As the release cadence of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product continues to speed up, solutions like North52 BPA are becoming increasingly beneficial.”  In addition when changes to business logic need to be implemented – North52 BPA does not require recompilation of the code as all the rules are declaratively stored in CRM, therefore changes can be completed, tested and pushed to production faster.


Boosts Competitive Advantage – No Code Solution


The benefits of North52 BPA to Tribridge have been visible and immediate. “In many cases, our Dynamics CRM customers have complex scenarios they need to satisfy, yet are telling us that they wish to remain within the core framework of CRM, and minimize custom code to simplify ongoing maintenance, changes, and upgrades. North52 BPA has helped us to adhere to these customers’ goals of minimizing custom code, while still achieving powerful automation and calculation via flexible business rules that up to this point have largely only been achievable with custom code,” says Minney.


The lives of consultants have been made considerably easier as they know that even if the customer changes business requirements they can react quickly and with confidence knowing North52 BPA is on hand. This is achieved with North52’s ‘No Code’ approach where instead of firing up Visual Studio, CRM developers or consultants can implement complex requirements using the North52 business rules editor.


Consultants can give much more attention to the customers’ needs and focus less on the technology. And this is just the beginning – aside from a solid partnership, Minney is very enthusiastic about the vision that North52 have in their product roadmap; “It’s a great vision and really does help us extend Dynamics CRM,” he says.


A Partnership for Success


Tribridge and North52 have a great partner relationship which significantly helps with delivering successful CRM projects.  There is regular dialogue directly between Tribridge consultants and North52 and often North52 will help Tribridge review and optimize  complex business requirements as Minney explains, “The staff at North52 have helped us many times by reviewing our formulas, making recommendations to optimize processing efficiency, and helping our consultants identify the best approach for new scenarios.  Not only does North52 have a great product, they have great people who are always willing to help.”




Tribridge has been in the Microsoft President’s club for over a decade which demonstrates both their technical & business leadership.

Tribridge uses North52 BPA to deliver critical CRM projects with confidence.

Industry: Multiple Industry Verticals

Country: USA

Technology Environment:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • North52 Business Process Activities

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