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SmartFlow powers your business processes!

SmartFlows allow you to automate business processes by allowing you to create a Flow that can collect, calculate, update and create Dynamics CRM information. These SmartFlows can then be connected into any user action such as saving a record, executing a Dialog, Workflow or  Action process.

SmartFlows can execute logic, interact with the CRM database, call external web services, execute existing Workflows or Actions and even be set to run on a timed schedule by the North52 Scheduler.

SmartFlows enable you to automate business processes across your organization

Some examples are:

  • Call scripting for inbound or outbound call centers
  • Diagnostics & troubleshooting guides
  • Product configuration
  • Sales quotations
  • Guided selling with sales methodologies
  • Employee on-boarding

SmartFlow – A Business Sample


In this scenario we have a fictitious Insurance company that rents out vehicles. The rental agreement between the Insurance company and the customer is represented by a Contract. And the Contract is made up of many (1:N) Rental Payments which are paid on a monthly basis. The business need here is to calculate the settlement amount when a contract is terminated early via an Early Termination Quote. The screenshot below shows where we have added two new sub-grids to the out of the box contract entity which represent:

  • The Rental Payments associated to this contract
  • Any Early Termination Quotes associated to this contract

Business Rules

On the contract record an Early Termination Quote record can be added via the sub-grid. The user will enter in a ‘Last Rental Payment Date’ on this record & click save. During the save process the settlement amount must be calculated based on certain rules:

IF 4 or more Rental Payments are due after the Last Rental Payment Date THEN

Find Max of EITHER

(-) 40% of Sum of Rental Payment Amounts after the Last Rental Payment Date + Early Termination Admin Fee
(-) 4 times the Rental Payment Amount + Early Termination Fee

Sum of Rental Payment Amounts after the Last Rental Payment Date + Early Termination Admin Fee

* We assume all rental payment for a contract are the same value per month

Data Model


SmartFlow – Solution

  • A formula of type ‘Save To Current Record’ is created that will execute whenever a new Early Termination Quote is created
  • The SmartFlow result will be placed into the Settlement Amount field on the Early Termination Quote record
  • Next Calculate the Count of Remaining Months
  • Next Calculate the Sum of the Remaining Amount
  • Next Calculate four times the standard payment
  • Next Calculate the Admin Fee
  • It then checks if the remaining months are greater than 4
  • If yes then it calculates the greater value of

40% of the RemainingAmount + Admin Fee OR Four Times the standard payment + Admin Fee

  • Otherwise it rteurns the Remaining Amount + the Admin Fee

This full sample with step by step instructions can be viewed on our knowledge base.