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Metro Bank uses North52 Business Process Activities to improve functionality of Microsoft CRM Online helping it deliver its Amazing Customer Service

North52 has been instrumental in allowing us to provide key functionality much more quickly than had we developed it ourselves – helping us to further improve our customers’ banking experience.

Jeff Higgs

Head of Customer Management Platform, Metro Bank

Metro Bank is Britain’s first new high street bank in over 100 years.  Launched in July 2010, Metro Bank is focused on revolutionising banking, through providing customers with the very best in service and convenience.

Its stores, which are open early to late 7 days a week, 362 days a year are based in London and the South East of the UK. Since launching it has expanded to 27 stores, with up to 200 planned by 2020. Customers can choose to bank how and when they want, either in store, on the phone, online or through the personal banking app.

Metro Bank’s growth requires it to evolve quickly and its CRM solution is no different.  North52 Business Process Activities (BPA) compliments Metro Bank’s own ability to deliver functionality and gives them the flexibility to be able to develop plugins and scripts at a much faster pace.


Why did Metro Bank choose North52 BPA?

The Metro Bank CRM implementation handles many critical business processes to deliver an amazing customer service experience.  Some of these processes require the capability to implement scheduled batch processing at defined intervals and as such require a scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  North52’s BPA product is the only solution that works natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and works with CRM online – a key requirement.

Jeff Higgs, Head of Customer Management Platform at Metro Bank, explains “it was the Scheduler that initially attracted us, but we were also aware of North52 BPA’s many other features that help implement business requirements faster. We have been really impressed by their product offering.”

Metro Bank’s CRM system is critical so they needed a product built for enterprise needs and scalability – North52 has played a significant part in helping deliver this.


North52 BPA helps deliver CRM functionality faster

North52 BPA allows functional consultants to build customisation logic without developers. This means Metro Bank’s development team can focus on the tough development problems and integration tasks. According to Ramon Tebar, Microsoft CRM MVP and CRM Architect at Metro Bank, “This has the overall effect of reducing the timeframe required to implement changes, which really benefits our customers.”  North52 BPA also helps when changes to business logic need to be implemented – North52 BPA does not require recompile of code, therefore changes can be completed, tested and pushed to production faster.



North52 takes great pride in making sure its customers get the most out of North52 BPA.  Ramon Tebar says, “North52 are great to work with and always turn around any issues or questions we have very quickly.  Their knowledge of the CRM platform and SDK is second to none.”

North52 Support are also very receptive to feedback, listening to questions about how to implement certain business requirements and provide excellent guidance on the best way forward. This is immensely valuable particularly for customers who are just starting with the product.  There are also many different sample videos and guides on the knowledge base.


Metro Bank is Britain’s first new retail bank in over 100 years, focussed on providing customers with the best in service and convenience. Metro Bank use North52 BPA to help deliver faster functionality on Microsoft CRM Online.

Industry: Retail Banking

Country: United Kingdom

Technology Environment:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • North52 Business Process Activities

Connect with Metro Bank:


  • Faster deployment of functionality
  • Increased end-user confidence
  • Freed up senior technical colleagues’ time
  • Easier maintenance/
  • upgradability
  • Tricky CRM platform issues made easy