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Show KPI’s, Alerts and Next Best Actions in Tiles on your forms

The Quick Tile App from North52 is a ready-to-go solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM 2013/2015/2016 that allows you to add Tiles to CRM forms . The Tiles can highlight KPI’s related to the record, determine a next action or show important snippets of information. The Tiles also work in the mobile apps!

The solution is very simple and consists one web resource which is placed on forms to display the tiles.


Example Tiles

  • Show outstanding invoices
  • Highlight an out of SLA case
  • Show most recent Phone Call, Email, Appointment etc
  • Show a contact’s local time and indicate via color if it’s ok to call (eg. Green is working hours, Red is not)

This solution showcases an example of the North52 BPA SDK.



Please see the installation guide on our support site. Note: You need a paid license to use Quick Tiles – you can request a license key to try it out.



Download this App

Instructions and download for Sample tiles


Disclaimer: Installing this solution on your CRM system is at your own risk. No warranties are expressed or implied.