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Easily Trigger North52 Formulas from the Navigation Ribbon

The Quick Ribbon App from North52 is a ready-to-go solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM 2013/2015/2016 that allows you to call a North52 Formula from the Ribbon on a form.

The solution is very simple and consists of one web resource that needs to be referenced from the ribbon configuration.


Example Uses

  • Execute a North52 Formula on a single record via a button on the Form ribbon – for example clone a Quote
  • Execute a North52 Formula on multiple records via a button on the List view ribbon
  • Use a North52 Formula to enable/disable a button on the ribbon

This solution showcases an example of the North52 BPA SDK.



Please see the installation guide on our support site.



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Disclaimer: Installing this solution on your CRM system is at your own risk. No warranties are expressed or implied.