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Scenario Overview

In this scenario we will demonstrate how to set up a Decision Table of type Library Calculation that segments Contacts into various groups based on their interest in new comics and their age. 

We will also show how this Library Calculation can be used by any number of other formulas to find out how likely it is that the Contact will respond to marketing. 

The North52 BPA solution works like this:

  • A Decision Table of type Library Calculation is created on the Contact entity
    • The Decision Table will calculate the age in years of the Contact
    • It will use this age and the option set Interested in new comics to determine the chance of a sale
      • Note this option set is a custom field that will need to be created beforehand
  • This Library Calculation will be triggered by a Save – Perform Action formula set up to trigger whenever the Favorite comic field changes
    • Note this is a custom Boolean field that will need to be created beforehand
    • Also the Save Perform Action formula could do the work of the Library Calculation, however, using a Library Calculation allows for a centralized formula that can be executed by other formulas
  • The Save – Perform Action formula will then decide if an email of new comic offers should be sent

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