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New Features

  • Added support for filter and sort on the xCacheGetLocal() function
  • Added support for AutoIncrement on the xCacheAddCalculatedFieldLocal() function
  • Added support for changing Status & Tracing Level fields for formulas within Managed Solution
  • Enhance caching on N:1 relationship lookups
  • Enhance LinkRawUrl() to allow for Apps in the UCI 
  • Enhance performance on client side formulas when using payload option
  • Allow configuration of client-side formulas to  use a Get or Post request 
  • Allow optional timezone parameter on the UtctimeFromLocalTime() function
  • Allow LinkRawUrl() function to accept optional 4th parameter of AppId for UCI purposes
  • Enhanced SetVarMultipleClientSide() more than one parameter
  • Individual solutions provided per product

New Functions

  • RefreshRibbon()
  • GetAppId(), GetAppName(), GetAppIdByName()
  • xCacheDistinct()
  • ForEachRecordNested() , CurrentRecordNested()


  • Fixed issue with CreateEmailFromTemplate() SetAttributePartyList() function
  • Fixed issue with RemoveUsersFromAccessTeam() function
  • Fixed issue with SetPickListValues() for multi-select option-sets
  • Fixed issue with SetAttributeNative() function
  • Fixed issue when building input parameters for the Formula Tester
  • Fixed issue with CreateRecord() & UpdateCreateRecord() functions to allow setting fields to null via ?
  • Fixed issue when setting Owner field via client-side 
  • Fixed issue when setting multi-select field via Decision Table
  • Fixed issue with FindListValues() function when outputting fields of type Money