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New Features

  • Added new wizard generators for a range of functions
  • Enhanced support for JSON token processing
  • Added support so a Schedule can call a global action
  • Speed up deployment process with regards to active deactivate North52 plugins
  • Support changing statecode statecode reason with CreateRecord() function
  • Support changing statecode statecode reason on the Case entity with UPdateRecord() function
  • Add support for Convert Task to Opportunity Case

New Functions

  • LoopUntilTrue()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with FindMin() FindMax() for defaulting date fields
  • Fixed issue where AutoNumber formula firing for Update but only Create selected

Altered Features

  • When calling an Action (type of Process) from the North52 Scheduler the uniquename of the action must be post fixed to the end of the Action name.

Full release history is available here