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Trigger North52 formulas from buttons in emails

The Quick Action App from North52 is a ready-to-go solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM 2013/2015/2016 that allows you to add buttons to emails sent from CRM for users to trigger North52 formulas.

The solution is very simple and consists of a North52 Quick Action Web Resource and two North52 sample formulas.

Example Uses

  • Approval scenarios – e.g. quotes, holiday requests, escalation request
  • Task completion
  • Workflow trigger

When a user clicks on the button they are taken to a web page (the North52 Quick Action Web Resource) and the request is processed according to the button clicked and the rules set up in the formula. Note: the recipient of the email needs to be an authenticated CRM user for the Quick Action process to execute.

This solution showcases an example of the North52 BPA SDK.



Please see the installation guide on our support site.



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Disclaimer: Installing this solution on your CRM system is at your own risk. No warranties are expressed or implied.