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Formula Manager

Bring the power of Excel-like formula to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and reduce the need for custom coding

One of the biggest costs on most Microsoft Dynamics CRM project is custom coding. This is where consultants or developers are invloved in writing 100’s if not thousand’s of lines of code in Javascript, C#, etc. What Formula Manager aims to achieve is to transform this custom coding into simple formulas. This is significantly faster (up to 10 times) than writing custom code and you get the added bonus of lower cost updates if a business rule changes in the future (its much cheaper to change it using a Formula rather than custom code).

AutoNumber formula example

Includes function library and Excel-like formula language

There are a range of built-in functions for string, math, date/time, and logical operations all similar to those in Excel. These formulae operate on standard and custom fields in CRM. e.g.

Commission = [Opportunity.Revenue] * [Opportunity.CommissionRate]

Native controls and wizards

Native Silverlight and HTML Web Resource controls deliver a familiar point-and-click customization tool. Formula Manager provides a rich, interactive environment for defining formulas. It was designed with business users & administrators from day one to ensure ease of use.

Powerful conditional logic

The formula language provides powerful IF, AND, OR, IN functions, giving users the ability to embed application logic right in their formula fields. So a commission formula could calculate an amount only if an opportunity’s status is won else display zero for lost.

Real-time results

Formulae are calculated in real time for every request, so they are guaranteed to always be up-to-date

Supported CRM versions

Formula Manager works with CRM 2016, 2015, 2013 and 2011 Online or On-Premise.

Formula Manager Examples and Training Videos

Installation and Configuration

Calculate Weighted Estimated Revenue


Set Custom Field Total Hot Opps


Sync Account & Contact Address Field

Clean Telephone Number

UTC Vs LocalTime

Set Last Appointment Date

Calculate Next Activity Date

Calculated Field Total Open Opps

Dialog Calculate Working Days

Workflow Calculate Working Days